The Founder


 "You have to work twice as hard to get half of what they have."

These are the words that have often sounded in my ears. Rightly or wrongly they have guided me.

In 2014 after being rejected at a school I asked myself: am I not qualified enough or has my appearance disqualified me ? I wish no one would never have that thought again.

However, in a society where we feel under-represented and under-valued, this thought can sometimes be legitimate. Then the idea of creating a brand that honours black women came to me. A brand that gives their reputation back, that represents her for what she is and that highlights her. A brand that makes her shine.

So the goal was clear, now I had to do everything to achieve it. The following year I worked even harder and applied again to the same school and was accepted. Then the following years, every choice I made was for the plan to come to life: Master's degree in cosmetic formulation, 2 years working in the laboratories of one of the biggest luxury groups, moving in London where I developed more than hundred cosmetic products.

Every action I took after this failure was to bring the vision to life. Rigour, meticulousness, attention to detail and technical skills: this is what I have been able to develop over the last few years thanks to my professional career.

Eight years later, the vision was born and it has a name: Vertuous Beauty. I can't say if I worked twice as hard or if I have half of what they have, but what I am sure of is that we are also our own limits.

This brand is also dedicated to my mother who is my daily source of inspiration. She showed me with determination and perseverance everything is possible.

I hope that your failures will be an opportunity for you to improve yourself and not a reason to give up.

So I hope you all find your inspiration, your role model. If you don't know where to look, here we will highlight those women who look like you and who will show you that it is possible.

 Vertuously,  Joan