Summer essentials

What are you waiting for to be the most elegant woman of the summer?

Your black is bright. As you may have already heard and understood, we are working to bring out your natural elegance. We want you to be a woman of stature even in these rising degrees. So we are going to give you all the keys to shine this summer, by offering you the essentials you must have.

The swimming suit

 No matter how many pieces you have, you will know how to look your best. Bikini, trikini or even a jumpsuit, it is your choice. You should feel comfortable no matter what. Express your personality through the swimsuit you wear. Sequins, patterns or simplicity, it is up to you! 


Protect your eyes from UV rays in style and be yourself! There are so many models of glasses, you risk being drowned under this multitude of choices. We suggest you choose one or two models that go well with the outfits you have planned for your vacation. Why not choose a simple pair and another with a pattern? Make the choice to be the one you want to be and be in tune with your elegance! 

The straw hat

Go for sophistication by accessorizing your looks with a straw hat. Two in one, it covers you from the sun and gives you an unfailing charisma. You look more serious and dressed up, even at the beach. No sunburn and a grand dame look ! Feel free to express your fashion sense by choosing an original hat that reflects your image. 


Vertuous Beauty Lip gloss and Lip pencil

In these hot weather, your melanin is your best asset. For more sensuality, we recommend adding a touch of light by using the Vertuous Beauty lip gloss that matches your skin tone. If you want perfect lip definition, our pencils will contour your mouth for optimal results. Take the right pencil and gloss with you for a delicious, plumping, long-lasting mouth all summer long! Find out more here