Confidence.s - Episode 1

Confidence.s : A storytelling

Destroying preconception ideas, changing the narrative, yes but how ?

The House of Vertuous Beauty wants to give a space to its customers to speak. These Vertuous Women who have stories to tell to inspire you.

This serieis called Confidence.s :

- Confidences: telling private things.
- Confidence: confidence in our abilities, in future plans.

Through Confidence.s, they tell us a story about her that motivated them to persist in what they believed.
Through Confidence.s, they give us our confidence back, they show us that we can do everything we believe in and even where we are not expected.
Through Confidence.s, we desire to demonstrate with those portraits that black women should not be put in boxes.
Through Confidence.s, we hope you will be inspired.

Through Confidence.s, we want to destroy stereotypes
Remember: Your black is bright!

Episode 1 

Marie-France is the Mennzwi woman, the peach shade highlights her skin colour and brightens her complexion. To discover or rediscover this gloss click here.

In this first episode of about two minutes, she shows us that life is about choice. We can either give up or continue. What will make us move forward? We let you discover the choice she made.