Happy Valentine's Day to you ladies!

For this occasion, we want you to light up your partner's eyes and why not, be the reference for some women. Today's goal is to give you the keys to look your best with the least amount of effort. So get ready... We suggest a look and a gloss and pencil combo.


LOOK 1 : Red lipstick with our Lip Definer Ebony Love

Sensuality, Character and Intensity will be the watchwords of your lips.

We could call the first outfit: the classic.

Dress in black high-waisted suit pants with a white shirt. We leave you the choice on the buttoning of the latter. On your feet, black pumps will do the trick. To accessorize the outfit, we advise you to roll up the sleeves of the shirt and to dress your wrists with a watch on one side and thin bracelets on the other. Don't forget to cover up with a trench coat in a neutral color. Finally, the passion will be revealed through the makeup of your lips. A red mouth structured by the Ebony Love pencil, for more depth! Sensuality, Character and Intensity will be the watchwords of your lips.


LOOK 2 : Lip Gloss 50 Mwasi + Lip Definer Ebony Love

Bold, Chic and Strong will be the watchwords of your outfit.

To accompany our best-seller, there is nothing better than a sure value: the black dress.

A satin dress is the best option to look glamorous for your special day. You can add an oversized jacket in the same color or break it up with a color that will be found on one of your accessories. A nice discreet necklace with a small diamond on the pendant, dangling earrings and a handbag worn on the shoulder will be your best friends. Bold, chic and strong will be the watchwords of your outfit.


LOOK 3: Lip Gloss 40 Muto & Lip Definer Azobé


Yes, it's easy, but this is your chance to stand out with Muto lip gloss, embraced by Azobe pencil. Grab a solid color ensemble for this look. Dare to go bold or stay neutral, but above all, do what you like! The risk-taking is not high but therefore, accessories will play a very important role. Detail your outfit with a colorful necklace and small earrings. Don't hesitate to opt for a shiny clutch that will be your second partner of the evening!


LOOK 4: Lip Gloss 10 Fanm + Lip Definer Azobé


Finally, the ultimate outfit is the one that reminds us that it is indeed Valentine's Day, the celebration of love. Red will be the dominant color. You can opt for a top and straight pants with clips. We recommend adding gold jewelry with a handbag and a black or cream jacket. The idea is that the accessories are of a color that matches your outfit by lightening this dominance of red. We count on you to create a perfect balance between the colors of the clothes and what will complete your outfit.


Thank you for reading our article! We know that these outfits will make your partner fall in love with you and that our lip combos are what will add character to your image.