Our commitments


Our Mission

The Vertuous Beauty House is on a mission to destroy stereotypes by improving the representation of albino, black and mixed race women. We want to change the narrative. 

We also want to give back confidence to women by making them aware of their physical and intellectual potential!


Promoting entrepreneurship from African background people 

Give you access to quality products

Highlighting black beauty

Give you a unique experience

Give you the determination to face the world

Offer you products in line with your values

Our Values


Vertuous Beauty, is the expression of the African woman. Since the dawn of time, black women have cultivated this personality trait.
Vertuous Beauty highlights their beauty offering a touch of feminity every day.


We reveal the unique aspect of your beauty in drawing our strength in the authenticity of our roots.
A link between our heritage and our day-to-day Parisian lifestyle.
Vertuous Beauty wants to transmit from generation to generation beauty secrets like our mothers and greatmothers who passed on their secret.



Our sensitivity about aesthetic naturally drove us toward refinement culture. Sense of detail and meticulousness are part of our values of excellence that we want to share with you.
We aspire to the best and we want to offer you a tailored made experience, that will be a height to your requirements.


We are making a point to destroy prejudices that default the black community. We are very conscious of the worth of the albino, mixed and black women and we will stop at nothing to make this going forward.
With Vertuous Beauty we would like to improve the representation of black women and give you the opportunity to be part of the Vertuous Women.

Our Vision

Feel at home at Vertuous Beauty! We share common values, common stories and common roots.

We have heard you and now we proudly carry the banner of your voice.Vertuous Beauty was created by a black woman, for black women.

Be free to choose a brand that respects your needs, your skin tone and your community.