Our Story


The story of a lifetime

Vertuous Beauty is a lifetime story : having Cameroonian background, Joan, the founder, wants to draw a definitive line under prejudices towards the black community.

After observing her close family wearing luxury cosmetic brands that didn’t compliment their skin complexion and noticing that laboratories where she worked didn’t develop enough products for black skin. She decided to eradicate this notion of Black, Mixed and albinos women being under represented.

A life mission

Attracted by the culture of beauty since always, it is while working as a formulator for a luxury group and mainly for a world-renowned House that she definitively fell in love with luxury for the know-how, the refinement and the excellence that this universe cultivates.

She pursued her passion for formulating by moving to London where she discovered a cosmopolitan and open-minded city. Two years later, she decided to dedicate herself to her life's mission.

Become a Vertuous Woman

Have you ever felt that people were watching you, the pressure, the anxiety, all because you are a woman, all because of your choices, all because of the colour of your skin and your differences?
Have you ever felt conflicted between what people think about you and who you really want to be ? Have you ever felt judged and labeled for what you represent ? 

If so, it's time to break the codes, to get out of the boxes, to tear off the prejudices and to open the field of possibilities! Take your destiny in hand now, and don't limit yourself to what is expected of you but dare to reveal what you really are.

For too long, black, mixed race and albino women have been underestimated and underrepresented. Together, let's restore their prestige and help them proudly wear the uniqueness of their beauty! Let us proudly hold up the banner of our origins, our cultures and define the importance of our communities!