Vertuous Beauty is a lifetime story : having Cameroonian background, Joan, the founder, wants to draw a definitive line under prejudices towards the black community. 

Observing, for example, that the make-up of the luxury brands around her didn't match their skin tones, or that the cosmetics laboratories she worked for didn't include enough black and mixed-race skin in their catalogs, she decided to erase a sad fact: black, mixed-race and albino women are under-represented.
What's more, the founder had made a promise to her cousin with albinism: to include her when she launched a cosmetics brand.
Vertuous Beauty aims to be representative of all black women.



Attracted by aesthetic things and working as a formulator in a very known luxury group, she fell in love with the luxury world because of their expertise, refinement and excellence that flowed from this world.

Then her journey soared to new heights when she moved to London to follow her dreams and discovered a cosmopolitan city with open-minded people. 2 years later she was triggered to be committed to her mission of life.



The name is inspired from the english word " Virtuous " that means " Vertueuse " in french. Mixing both, VERTUOUS BEAUTY was born. Vertuous because our foundation are moral qualities. Vertuous because we want to be as transparent as we can, offering you high quality products and offer you a unique experience.
Vertuous Beauty, by us, for us, an ode, a poem, we put pen to paper to rewrite our story. 

"May everything that describes be imprinted with these words: softness, elegance, light, intelligence and refinement. "

The House of Vertuous Beauty


Have you ever felt that people were watching you, the pressure, the anxiety, all because because you are a woman, because of for your choices, all because of your skin color and your differences ?

Have you ever felt conflicted between what people think about you and who you really want to be ? Have you ever felt judged and labeled for what you represent ? 

If you have, this is the time to break the glass, break the rules , step out the boxes, erase the preconceptions and be open to everything that is possible !  

Dare to reveal who you really are.
With pride and honour, we must show the importance of our origins, our cultures and our communities!

credit photo @niamato_inc