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The House of Vertuous Beauty is the story of a young woman of Cameroonian origin, Joan Ekoko, who as a child discovers the duality of two worlds living side by side. Living in the Paris suburbs, when she goes to visit her cousin in the 16th arrondissement, she discovers another world.

The high ceilings and moldings on the walls, which blend perfectly with the apartment's solid wood flooring, captivate her every moment. She realizes that access to these experiences goes beyond origins.

Her mother, the living embodiment of his roots, inspires her daily with her elegance and perseverance.


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Joan's Cameroonian roots, imbued with the fighting spirit of the Indomitable Lions, give her the strength to persevere in all circumstances.

This is one of the values she wishes to communicate through Vertuous Beauty.


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The White Lioness, emblem of Vertuous Beauty, symbolizes a singular femininity. She embodies elegance, respect, fearlessness, confidence and resilience, while revealing a caring nature.

Like our customers, the white lioness is sometimes underestimated and perceived as different because of its unique skin tone.

Yet she is just as strong as the others, and it is this unique parallel that reinforces her role within the House.


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In delving into the world of beauty, Joan explored her mother's makeup bag. Each product evoked the grandeur of luxury houses. She discovered a lipstick in a golden case, a gift from her mother. Since that day, Joan has never parted with it.

The precious coral lipstick marked the beginning of a story. As a tribute to this memory, coral has become one of Vertuous Beauty's emblematic shades.


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Joan, observing the world of beauty, perceives a lack of representation in this universe. Beauty standards seem fixed, but she feels a duty to bring a change.

Although she has a fondness for luxury, she rarely sees representations of people who look like her in this world. However, looking back on her childhood, she is convinced that anything is possible and that she can make a difference.

In 2014, the inspiration for a cosmetics brand takes shape. In 2022, Vertuous Beauty makes this vision a reality.

The House aims to break down stereotypes and reveal the prestige of the black woman, all within the world of luxury with inclusivity.

a promise

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But there is more: Joan made a personal promise to her little cousin, who has albinism. She promised to represent her, and so she honored her promise by including black women with albinism in this adventure.

first steps

Joan obtained a Master's degree in Cosmetic Formulation Chemistry. She spent two years working in the laboratories of one of the major luxury groups.

She fell in love with luxury because of the know-how, refinement and excellence cultivated in this world. It was at this point that she discovered a taste for museums and art.


Joan flies to London, where a new culture and a different kind of freedom welcome her. She develops nearly a hundred cosmetic products for various brands.

Despite improvements in the beauty industry, she observes that offerings for black women often remain confined to the mid-range.

The question remains: why? What vision of the black woman prevails? While some aspire to luxury and its enchanting world...

a life mission


In 2020, back in France, Joan made her lifelong dream come true. Drawing on her dual African and Parisian culture, her personal taste for luxury, art and her passion for beauty, she created Vertuous Beauty.

The House is much more than just a beauty salon, it defies persistent stereotypes of the black woman and celebrates her prestige.