The House of Vertuous Beauty wants to offer you high-quality, healthy products that are safe for your skin. We have decided to free ourselves from controversial raw materials. Created by a scientist, we check the veracity of every report concerning an ingredient before deciding not to use it. In our Clean Beauty we use the best natural and synthetic ingredients, because we believe that not everything natural is good, and not everything synthetic is bad. Our Clean Beauty find a balance between these two types of ingredients to develop healthy, effective formulas.


The House of Vertuous Beauty uses FSC-certified paper packaging. The FSC® certificate guarantees that the packaging is made from materials of sustainable origin and that the forests are managed in an eco-responsible way.
This is a globally recognized eco-responsible certification that promotes sustainable forest management.



Africa abounds in riches and raw materials with recognized virtues. Our aim is to shed light on these ingredients through our formulas. In each product, we try to integrate at least one raw material from Africa recognized for its virtues. We are constantly on the lookout for local producers who can supply us with raw materials, so that our consumption benefits everyone. We value the transmission of culture and beauty traditions from grandmother to mother and mother to daughter. Because beauty is an attitude that is passed on.