The beginning of an exceptional journey

 Eight. 8 years.

That's how long it took from the idea to the realisation of Vertuous Beauty.

On 12 March 2022, we launched Vertuous Beauty, a luxury cosmetics brand dedicated to black, albino and mixed race women.To set the tone, the evening took place in a prestigious venue on the rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. 


Why Vertuous Beauty?

"This brand was created to change things. In the cosmetic industry, black, mixed race and albino women are still not sufficiently represented, although things are improving.

To change things, we have to face the problem ourselves. Tired of seeing these women often put in certain boxes and described in a certain way which is usually not an elegant or refined way. I wanted to create a new atmosphere for them : luxury.

Vertuous Beauty is here to give their reputation back to these women, destroy preconception ideas. We also want ti inspire young women by showing them that they can go where they are not expected."  

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Why this tagline "Your black is bright"?

"With this contrasting tag line, I wanted to emphase that the colour black, although it is a dark colour, it is powerful and bright.

Black in marketing is a symbol of luxury, elegance, power and timelessness. These adjectives could be applied to people with this skin colour. Hence "Your black is bright", bright meaning intelligent in English.  

The launch

During the evening,the guests were able to discover the DNA of the House in a more intimate way . It was also an opportunity to hand over the products to our first customers who contributed to our Ulule campaign. 

The first products in the Vertuous Beauty range are 5 lip glosses and 3 lip pencils, which you can discover here.


Following the time of sharing between the founder and the customers, it was now time to test the products, buy and enjoy the evening around the cocktail. 

vertuous beauty launch event


Watch the video of the launch event.